It was during a classified mission in a city in East-Africa that Daan Brink caught a glimpse of something extraordinary. Daan, who was then serving in the Dutch Special Forces, noticed two business travellers suited up for a regular day at work. In itself, this was not a remarkable sight. However, the particular city was, at that time, in a de facto state of civil war.

These travellers, who clearly had a Western background, were swiftly secured by his team. After offering them a ride, Daan asked the businessmen how they had prepared themselves for the business trip. It became apparent they had not made any preparations regarding their security. Furthermore, no colleagues or family members knew where they would stay that night.

Daan was struck by their story, as it was so different from the experience he had with the military. Prior to any deployment, he would be well-prepared, trained and briefed. He wondered: why was it possible that there was such a difference between the level of precautions taken by military and business travellers?

When Daan continued with his career in the Dutch military intelligence service, he again experienced this difference, but on a larger scale. Whereas the government strongly focuses on the security of its vital interests and people, this was not the case in the commercial sector, despite the fact that companies often operate in environments that could indeed be described as “challenging”.

Thus, Daan saw a gap that he felt could and should be bridged. Why should security not be an integral aspect of each business case? By doing this, commercial interests can be solidified, strengthening international ambitions in both the long and short term. That is why he founded Proximities in 2014.


We aim to be the prime Dutch partner in overcoming security risks.


In our vision, companies should not be limited by risks in expanding their presence around the world. Instead, they should be able to capitalize on opportunities. Always. Everywhere.


We advise on how to navigate between opportunities and risks across the globe, helping you to control critical challenges such as information theft, security threats, and political instability. By doing this, we create a peace of mind for you and your colleagues.

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