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Daan Brink

Managing Partner

Daan Brink has a background of two decades in the Dutch special forces and intelligence practice. Not only did he make countless decisions between life and death during his operations for the military, but he was also responsible for the strategic and tactical continuity of numerous projects. The experiences and insights he gained motivated him to establish Proximities. Moreover, they remain highly valuable, which becomes clear from the hands-on advice and clear-cut analyses he provides to our clients. With enduring energy, Daan serves our clients wherever they are.

Hans van Delft


Having worked at senior positions at several large logistics companies, including as Chief Commercial Officer at DHL Express Benelux, Hans became a specialist in business improvement and management development. He supports our operations through his expertise in helping businesses navigate organizational changes on the strategical, tactical and operational levels. Moreover, he provides coaching and training of higher and middle management.

Rosa Voulon

Senior Risk Consultant

Rosa has more than fifteen years of experience in collecting, processing and analysing information and its implications for (international) policymakers, diplomats and military higher management. After she finished her master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam, she worked in operational, managerial and instruction roles for Dutch military and national agencies. She is specialized in tribal dynamics and cultures in general from all over the world but especially those in Africa where she travelled and lived for a long period of time.

Hugo Blom

Senior Risk Consultant

As an ex-Naval officer, Hugo focuses chiefly on the maritime domain. He is specialized in designing and auditing security management systems of organizations to ensure they are in control of security and meet relevant standards. Holding an MA in Defence Studies and utilizing his experience from the military and as deputy company security officer at Shell, he has a unique insight in the challenges of the security risk arena. In addition to his experience gained during many deployments to high-risk countries, he has spent much time in the UK and has access to a substantial security-related network.

David Vonk

Senior Risk Consultant

David has more than fifteen years of experience in collecting, processing and analysing information that is of importance to our clients. After he graduated from the Royal Military Academy and finished his master’s degree in Political Sciences at Leiden University, David worked in operational, managerial and instruction roles for the Dutch military and national agencies. He is specialized in a wide variety of countries, having lived and travelled virtually all over the world.

Roelof Schuurman-Meeske

Risk Consultant

Roelof is specialized in geopolitics and business environments. With a background in International Relations and as expert in the field of international business, he supports our clients in assessing and mitigating risks on the edge of strategy, compliance and operations. His interests center around market entry, regulatory compliance and anti-corruption measures.

Tom Leijte

Risk Consultant

Tom graduated with honours as a historian at Leiden University. At Proximities, he specialized in building and optimizing systems for Travel Security, which is an important aspect of his role as Corporate Security Advisor to one of our clients. Furthermore, as an expert in Information Security and licensed private investigator, he supports clients in finding creative solutions to enhance the security of their crown jewels.

Kaz Van de Voort

Security Risk Analyst

Kaz is one of our security risk analysts specialized in Africa and International Relations focused at conflicts. Having written his BA thesis on the dynamics of the regional relations of Western Africa and his MSc thesis on civil war duration, he is well-equipped to analyse and report on the security situation in the countries our clients operate in.

Hendrik de Kruijk

Associate Partner

Hendrik runs our associate office in Kuwait. He has worked as a commissioned military officer and, among others, as senior consultant and investigator. From Kuwait, he supports our clients in the region in identifying and mitigating security risks, providing hands-on assistance and availability.

Arthur Craane

Security Officer

Arthur is one of our associate Security Officers stationed in Juba, South Sudan. Throughout his long military career with the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps and multiple deployments to the Middle East and Africa, he has built up extensive experience in analysing security situations and operating under stressful conditions. He utilizes this experience to support our clients’ business operations in South Sudan and to ensure the safety of the staff and assets involved.

Marc Beyens

Security Officer

As associate Security Officer, Marc supports our clients on the ground in South Sudan with their day-to-day activities by analysing the security situation and consulting them on ways to ensure the safety of the staff and assets. His experience of over twenty years working in high-risk countries in Africa and the Middle East makes him excellently equipped to deal with the volatile environment present in the country.

Anthony Wedding

Project Manager

Anthony provides top-notch IT advice to our clients and supports team members in implementing projects effectively. Having worked on numerous projects for clients in virtually every sector, he has a wide portfolio of experience.

Petra van Delft

Office Manager

Petra is office manager and head of administration. She makes sure internal and external stakeholders are served rightly and timely. We are very sure that our office would stop running without her.