ISO Certification

ISO Certification

ISO/IEC 270001: 2022

With much enthusiasm and pride, Proximities is pleased to announce that we received the ISO/IEC 270001: 2022 certification on 6 April 2023. This is a new milestone on our journey to further professionalize our organization. With this certification, we demonstrate that our documented information security management system has been fully implemented and that our internal processes have been proven to work. We are now allowed to carry the ISO-certification logos as evidence thereof.

The scope of our certification has been defined as:

“Information security related to sales, risk consultancy, -calculus, -training and -management, information analysis (intelligence) and screening of individuals”

The ISO/IEC 270001: 2022 standard is globally recognized and provides assurance that we value the safekeeping of your business and other (personal) information that you share with us. It also demonstrates that we will always strive for continuous improvement. In so doing, we provide assurance than we will manage your data with care and integrity. The ISO certificate has been issued for a period of 3 years and annually we are required to demonstrate that we continue to meet all strict ISO-requirements.

Security Risk Assessment

Understanding your company’s threat exposure is the key to successful business operations.

Integrity Due Diligence

Enhancing your ventures and future business endeavours by making them ‘frontpage proof’.

Fraud Investigations

Fraud is the bane of business.