What can the private sector learn from the military?

What can the private sector learn from the military?

“Know what you’re getting yourself into when doing business in high-risk areas”, says Daan Brink, former military officer and owner of the company Proximities. Daan advises companies conducting business abroad. What can the private sector learn of his experience in the military? “Always be prepared”, is the most important advice of Daan Brink. 

Last week, our Managing Partner Daan Brink was interviewed by DeCrisisManager about his experience as a military officer and how this helps Proximities support our clients in the private sector. Daan pointed out that the main difference between the private sector and the military is the level of preparedness.

“Before the military enters a high-risk area, they know exactly in which context they will operate. They know the actors of influence and the people they work with. They are aware of the political and cultural situation and how to handle it properly. The vast majority of Dutch businessmen we encountered in those areas had never thought about those issues. Despite the fact that they often worked for large multinationals”.

Proximities supports companies in operating in high-risk areas by analyzing the regions where they conduct their business and the partners they conduct their business with. We complement our analyses with advice on how to overcome relevant security risks. By doing this, we create a peace of mind for our clients and enable them to work in challenging environments.

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For the full interview in Dutch, please see: https://decrisismanager.nl/leren-van-defensie-ken-de-gevaren-van-risicovolle-gebieden



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