Checklist advanced due diligence

Checklist advanced due diligence

You want to do international business safely with principled and reliable parties. Sounds logical, doesn’t it? But what exactly does doing business safely mean? Simply put, it means you only enter into a collaboration that will not harm your reputation or result in loss of capital or problems with the authorities. You will want to avoid the following situations:

  • Entering into a business collaboration with a party with stakeholders from a country listed under the Sanctions Act.
  • Entering into a business collaboration with partners who have been indicted or convicted of fraud or theft.
  • Entering into a business collaboration with an organisation that later proves not to have the contacts and assets promised.

These situations are avoided by conducting extensive background research to obtain certainty about prospective persons or parties.

Advanced due diligence checklist

To get you started on obtaining a clearer picture of your prospective business partner, we compiled a six-point checklist. It will give you important information on the reliability of the party or persons involved. In addition, you will get clear guidelines on what steps to take next.

Curious to see how your prospective business partner does? Download the checklist now for free.

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