In Focus: Developments You Might Have Missed

In Focus: Developments You Might Have Missed

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In Focus: Developments You Might Have Missed

June 26, 2020

Still in the midst of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the headlines continue to be dominated by virus-related developments. Due to this overwhelming amount of information, it is easy to overlook other developments in international politics. 

In Latin America, for example, the US Navy conducted a ‘freedom of navigation operation’ in an area claimed by Venezuela as its territorial waters. Moreover, Sudanese and Ethiopian-backed forces clashed in disputed territories along their shared border while the two countries (and Egypt) are in negotiations about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. 

Finally, elections in Kiribati, where Taiwan and China compete for influence, took place. China is likely to have secured influence in the country for at least another term of government after the Chinese-backed President Maamau was re-elected.