Proximities & Airbus

Proximities & Airbus


We are proud to announce our preferred partnership agreement with Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands!

Airbus is one of the market leaders on high resolution satellite imagery and remote sensing. Remote sensing is used to detect and monitor the physical characteristics of an area by measuring its reflected radiation from a satellite. As such, it can be used to detect valuable (commercial) data from the earth’s surface or atmosphere.

Although originally pre-eminently used by the military, the private sector is becoming more and more aware of the huge potential of satellite imagery. Civilian applications include mapping, forecasting agricultural results, urban planning, disaster management and fossil energy monitoring.

By combining Airbus’ strength in satellite imagery and our sound investigation and intelligence analyses, we can provide our clients with a whole new range of tailormade intelligence products. Our new services will support you when undertaking your (new) business endeavors. Whether it’s a one-time in-depth report or frequent updates, we will find a fitting solution for your company’s needs.

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Security risk assessment

Understanding your company’s threat exposure is the key to successful business operations.

Strategic update briefing

Strategic Update Briefings are key in making decisions concerning your business ventures across the globe.

Local security monitoring

Watch your friends, but, watch your adversaries even closer!