One year into the pandemic: Business Travel

One year into the pandemic: Business Travel


One year ago, the first images of deserted airports spread across the internet. The pictures were mainly shared by passengers trying to find a way home, many of whom were fearing travel bans and entry restrictions. A year later, we know that this became the undeniable truth. However, with the development of fast tests, and the roll out of vaccinations, the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel seems brighter than ever before. Companies are carefully looking at the resumption of business travel, which will become feasible again in the next couple of months. Are you ready to travel?

Recent developments

One year later, the concept of and the perspective on traveling bring up a mixed image. There are still a significant amount of travel bans in effect as of today. However, the perspective of being able to travel again within the next couple of months is gaining support and popularity with the introduction of COVID-19 tests and vaccinations.

The implementation of negative COVID-19 test results as an entry requirement when traveling, has already proven to be a major step forward in the mitigation of the spread of the virus. Newly developed quick tests, and the prospective implementation of self-tests, are likely to increase the effectiveness of the use of COVID-19 tests in order to make (international) travel possible again. 

Another major development is the start of the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine. This should counter the spread of the virus locally, but also has the potential to support the restart of international travel. Authorities, such as the European Union, are looking into different possibilities through which proof of negative test results, and vaccinations, could be implemented in order to resume international travel. The concept of a COVID-19 passport, including these elements, is being researched and developed.


Are you ready to travel?

The true question right now is: are you ready to travel once international travel picks back up? Travelling during a  pandemic will be very different than what we are used to. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration when planning a trip, especially considering the dependability of the vaccine roll-out, causing some countries to be able to control the virus within its borders, while others are still battling in the midst of their peak infection rate.

Travel and entry restrictions should be explored in advance, think about the required paperwork, proof of negative test results and/or vaccinations and the required quarantine period and (designated) facilities. The local situation of the destination should be assessed thoroughly. Is there a lockdown enforced in the country or region I’m traveling to? Is there a curfew? Are facemasks required and if so, when and where? Additionally, the medical capacity of a country should not be overlooked. Hospitals could still be overloaded in some countries. Are there any places you can go to if you fall ill?


How can we help?

This is where we come into play and can help you mitigate the risks of traveling during a pandemic. Our COVID-19 Travel Support service enables your company’s representatives to travel safely and prepare in the midst of the pandemic. 

Our support includes, but is not limited to, providing insight and advice on:

  • COVID-19 developments and medical capacity: up-to-date information about COVID-19 risks and the medical capacity in a country.
  • Travel restrictions: accurate insights into (business) travel requirements.
  • Domestic restrictions: an overview of the local restrictions implemented at the travel destination.
  • Stability in-country: A concise analysis of the political, economic, social and security issues that could affect the traveler.

Do you need support regarding the resumption of business travel or are you interested in additional services we offer to support you? Contact us by phone, or fill in your information below, and we will get back to you.


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