One year into the pandemic: Crisis Management

One year into the pandemic: Crisis Management


“Crisis” is a word we have become all too familiar with over the last year. The importance of having proper crisis management procedures in place should not have to be emphasized anymore. The majority of the world population has experienced this global crisis firsthand. Was your company prepared to face this crisis?

It is not only the COVID-19 crisis that has the ability to affect businesses globally. The pre-covid business environment also experienced a significant number of crises. Research conducted by PwC shows that between 2014 and 2019, 69% out of nearly 3.000 questioned businesses, have experienced a corporate crisis. The average number of crises experienced during this period was three. Out of these companies, 74% sought outside help either during, or after, their most serious crisis. Another PwC research shows that 95% out of nearly 3.000 questioned corporations, have realized that their crisis management needs improvement after experiencing the COVID-19 crisis.

Crisis Management Training

As Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail’. We can help you prepare for any crisis, with our Crisis Management Training, designed to suit your company’s needs. Creating awareness, resilience and knowledge around crisis management will help you to get through your next crisis, with minimum losses.

It is important to find yourself ahead of the curve, especially when it comes to crisis management. There are several controllable factors by which you can improve the management of a crisis significantly. We offer Crisis Management Training, during which your staff will learn how to deal with crisis situations effectively and properly. The training includes both theoretical and practical elements, providing your team with both the appropriate tools and experience to respond to the next crisis your company will encounter. Our training can be given on location, provided by you or ourselves, as well as remotely.

During the training our instructors will discuss different scenarios in order to work through different crisis situations with your team. By doing so, your team is able to gain experience in a crisis environment. The trainees will get the chance to handle the crisis scenario to the best of their ability. Subsequently, the instructor will evaluate your decisions, as well as the decision-making process, thoroughly. By doing so they will ensure that all parties involved become aware of the consequences of the decisions made in a particular scenario, and thoroughly understand its implications. Combining both theory and practice, your team will be well prepared for crises, and equipped with a variety of tools to apply to the challenges faced during a crisis. Please take a look at our website and/or contact us for more information on crisis management training.


Business Continuity Plans

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Crisis Management Training

If your management is ahead of the curve, then your staff will follow suit.

Interim Crisis Manager

Direct assistance in, during and after crisis situations.