Resumption of international flights

Resumption of international flights

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Resumption of international flights

September 11, 2020

Multiple countries are reopening their airspace for international flights, despite the continuous growth of the number of daily new COVID-19 cases. This provides ample opportunities for companies to ensure business continuity by restarting business travel. In the past weeks, Proximities has supported several companies in restarting their international projects in amongst others Israel, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, and South Africa.

In the first stages of the pandemic, closing airspaces and airports seemed a viable  strategy to stop the virus from entering their country. However, now that the virus has spread globally, these travel restrictions have less effect while they do bear severe economic consequences. Other strategies, such as mandatory quarantine and test-upon-arrival, have proven more effective while ensuring economic continuity. Therefore, many countries are reconsidering and reopening their air borders to international travellers.

As a result, travellers are facing a more complex travel journey. With differing regulations and requirements, pre-planning business travels has become more important. Want to know more about opportunities for you and your organization? Contact us at: