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Security Risk Assessment

When contemplating whether to conduct business in a challenging environment, a proper understanding of your threat exposure can be the difference between a successful and a failed project. For example, when your organization has the opportunity to conduct a profitable project in Pakistan, your profitability highly depends on how well you have taken into account possible security threats.

Our Security Risk Assessment provides you with an understanding of possible threats by analyzing the local security situation, your risk exposure and the possible impact to your people and assets. Through this comprehensive analysis, our clients are able to travel to challenging environments with a peace of mind and conduct successful business operations.

We provide unique assessments which are translated into bespoke, hands-on advice. First, by conducting a context analysis we are able to indicate the specific challenges in the region, country and/or city your company will operate in. Subsequently, we assess your vulnerability to security risks by analyzing the activities and whereabouts of your staff while conducting your desired business project. Finally, we propose countermeasures to mitigate against each individual risk to ensure your staff’s safety.