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Employment Screenings

When doing business, it is of paramount importance to work with people who are reliable. This is especially true if your employees have access to information or systems which your organisation regards as valuable. With our employment screenings, you will be able to achieve peace of mind: your valuable information and systems are safe with the employees you entrusted them to.

In our vision, screening is not about checking resumes and certificates. Rather, it is about getting to know someone and know their motivations. We believe in openness. That is why we share our approach with the people we screen, building a relationship of trust. Furthermore, when reporting on our findings, we attempt to find inclusive and creative ways to make people less vulnerable to the risks we identify.

For the assessment of employees, we use a variant of the MICE method. MICE is an acronym that refers to the words Money, Ideology, Coercion and Ego, the four main motivations that can lead to a revision of loyalty and integrity. To provide a complete picture, we have enriched the screening with a general character sketch necessary to properly test the MICE components. The required information is retrieved by conducting a background check and an out-of-office interview.

Our screening not only make people resilient against social engineering – as they become aware of their personal vulnerabilities – it also gives you a steering tool in promoting information security within your company.