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Employment Screenings

In every line of work, it is important that you hire competent, trustworthy and honest people to fill your company’s ranks. Especially when hiring people to take care of your most valuable assets.

According to our vision, screening is about getting to know the person behind the resume. We do so by building a relationship of trust and informing the people involved beforehand of our practice. By creating an open and trustworthy environment, we keep the screenings formal and inclusive. This approach makes us unique in the sense that we do not treat your staff as suspects but rather as students. Students that get a crash course in corporate trust.

For the assessment of employees, we use a variant of the MICE method. MICE is an acronym that refers to the words Money, Ideology, Coercion and Ego, the four main motivations that can lead to a revision of loyalty and integrity.

By screening people our way, we make them resilient against social engineering. Getting them in touch with their personal vulnerabilities while at the same time giving you a steering tool in promoting information security within your company.