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Integrity Due Diligence

Globally operating companies all face the same concern when contemplating whether to conduct business abroad: the lack of information regarding prospective clients and the local business climate. This concern is well-founded: there are numerous examples of ambitious companies running into trouble for becoming involved with dubious partners.

With our Integrity Due Diligence, we are able to shed light on the integrity and reputation of your business partners. Our investigations untangle their integrity track-record. Specifically, we give insight in business structures and ultimate beneficial ownership. Moreover, we assess the integrity of individuals related to your prospective partner company and whether they could negatively impact your business in any way.

This gives clarity and peace of mind as your organization will comply with anti-corruption and money laundering regulations. Moreover, it ensures that your organization has made a proper effort to limit reputational and compliance risk. This way, we protect you from getting on the frontpage for the wrong reasons.