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Litigation Support

When you suspect that one of your employees or an external actor is involved in illegal practices that are hurting your company, it can sometimes be difficult to make the decision to initiate a civil procedure. This is especially the case when you do not have experience in civil trajectories. This makes you uncertain about your ability to end such a procedure positively. Practices like embezzlement and fraud, or violations of a non-disclosure and non-compete clause, however, could significantly hurt your organization’s reputation.

For this reason, we offer litigation support for legal trajectories to our clients by providing two consultancy services. First, we assist your company by conducting a holistic investigation in the alleged wrongdoing and thereby, help strengthen your case in the courtroom. Through our experience in the intelligence services, we are well-prepared to conduct such investigations. Second, we offer advice on the possible courses of action your organization can take during the civil procedure. With our litigation support, we help you navigate through the decision-making process when it is suspected that your organization is targeted by illegal practices.