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Outsiders have a great interest in the (technical) knowledge, information and equipment of the Dutch Ministry of Defence (MOD) as well as the knowledge institutes and companies that work for it. Implementing proper security measures is therefore an essential prerequisite for companies that wish to work for or supply the Armed Forces as well as handling proprietary information -so-called Interests to Be Protected (IBP)- to execute an MOD-contract. All companies that work for the Ministry of Defence must undergo an audit that is performed by the Industrial Security Office of the Defence and Intelligence and Security Service.

Through our ABDO-audit, we are able to help you prepare you for the Defence audits by assessing your current security procedures and determining whether gaps exist with the standards set in the Algemene Beveiligingsinstructies Defensie Opdrachten (ABDO), the regulation which governs these. Proximities is a security partner of the F-35 supply chain, which allows us to understand the ABDO-requirements like no other. We are therefore able to fully support you through the ABDO-audit in order for you to make any required changes that will close identified gaps.