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Security Maturity Review

Companies that have a presence across the globe have their (local) security managed by a variety of people. This may cause a lack of overview. A question, that has to be raised then, is: “does security risk management cover all issues with the right level of maturity in your organisation?”

With our Security Maturity Review, we can give your company the answer it needs. We assess your organization’s safety from different angles. Be it Travel, Information, Physical or Business Environment security, we will analyse every facet of your company’s organisation and the country it’s going to conduct its business in. At the same time, we compare our security with peers around the globe, making sure we are up to date with trends and current affairs.

Our review is conducted into three steps: First, we analyze your global risk and security exposure. Second, we scrutinize the existing security framework on a corporate, project and local level. Finally, we identify your company’s exposure to security risks and the security framework in place.