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Security Maturity Review

In globally operating companies, security risks are often managed by a variety of departments and people. Often, that results in a lack of overview, which leaves one question open: does security risk management cover all issues with the right level of maturity in your organisation? With our Security Maturity Review, we answer precisely that question.

During this review, we assess your organization based on the four different Security Risk Domains: Travel Safety, Information Security, Business Environment and Physical Security. We determine whether a solid system of policies exists and benchmark your company’s current security framework with that of globally operating peer companies.

The Security Maturity Review is conducted in three crucial steps. First, we engage in a global risk and security exposure analysis of your company’s operations. Second, we scrutinize the existing security management framework at the corporate, project and local level. Thirdly, we identify the gaps between your company’s exposure to security risks and the security framework in place. As a result, we can advise as to how you could bridge the identified gaps and optimize your security framework.