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Information Security

It is time to secure your company’s crown jewels.

As information is becoming the commodity of the 21st century, securing information arose as a relevant issue for every company, both for established corporates as well as newly arrived entrepreneurs. However, we notice that when companies think about information security, also called infosec, they mainly consider IT. Although implementing technical cyber security solutions is crucial, there is more to securing your information than just IT. With our holistic advice, you can ensure that the human, physical and procedural elements of infosec are covered as well.

Every company, even yours, has information which is critical to its continuity. Maybe it’s intellectual property, maintained by your R&D department? Or information managed for one of your clients, of which a leakage would be disastrous? Before we help organisations improve their information security, we first determine which information needs securing. By defining these crown jewels, you can apply a structured approach to implementing information security. 

With our infosec scan, we determine the risks to your crown jewels. We analyse whether criminals, governments, competitors or even NGOs might have the intention to acquire or leak your essential information and why. For the actors that might want to do this, we analyse which capabilities they have to materialize this ambition. This results in a clear information security risk assessment.

Based on the infosec risk assessment, you can improve the protection of your security. You benefit from our structured approach, which ensures that you can maintain control of your information security both now and in the future. Our support combines organisational recommendations with hands-on advice, for example to frequent travellers, resulting in an ideal mix of sprints and marathons.

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