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Physical Security

The benefits of security by design

For many companies, assets are required to operate and support their business. Whether it is to build, construct, store, process, mine or distribute, companies need sites to do what they do best. Assets, however, always come with certain security challenges.

Sometimes, the specific type of operations you conduct requires you to maintain security standards, that might be required by your clients. In other cases, the location of the site comes with inherent security risks, for example due to high levels of (local) crime. However, despite these risks, you will want to continue operating, usually due to the commercial benefits they present. For every company facing physical security challenges, we are here to help with our ‘security by design’ method.

Normally, when a project is started, little concern is given to security. This is quite logical. As operations have not started yet and few staff members are in-country, the company exposure at the particular location is still low. This changes once the project commences for real. Then, the flexibility to make changes to a project design diminishes and any changes made become costly.

With our method, you can anticipate the future exposure of your project and operations. By factoring this in, you can implement the required security measures from the beginning and avoid unnecessary late and costly alterations. You also prevent security risks from materializing into a real danger, which might cost your operations dearly in both money and reputation.

Although less advantage can be gained from assessing already existing sites, these will also benefit from our holistic approach. By assessing risks to your operations and reviewing the current security status, we can advise you on how to optimize the current set-up of your site. Furthermore, we can also assist with setting up a site security management system, providing an instant overview of all relevant security procedures.

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