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Travel Safety

Travelling is the cornerstone of your company’s worldwide exposure.

Your travellers contribute to the worldwide exposure of your business and brand. That is an important responsibility. As an employer, you need to think about the travel safety of your staff: you want them to be safe and secure. However, you also want your company to act on opportunities wherever they present themselves. At Proximities, we understand this dilemma. By helping you improve or set-up a Travel Management System, we can tackle this challenge head-on.



When working with you, we first map your travel exposure. Do your staff members travel to a great variety of destinations all around the world, or do they journey to a few locations on a recurrent basis? Are your travellers deployed longer periods of time, several months or years, or do they normally only stay a couple of days? Do your company’s travellers sometimes travel to high or extreme risk destinations, or do your staff members stay in low risk areas? The answers to these questions determine which type of Travel Management System best suits your organisation.

After mapping your worldwide security exposure, we benchmark your current procedures against these risks. For example, we review your travel authorization process, traveller preparation, and incident response procedures. Central to our review is the question whether both you and your organisation are sufficiently prepared for the challenges your travellers face.

Based on this review, we can implement a revised Travel Management System, in which travel safety, the duty of care you hold towards your employees and the ambitions of your organisation go hand in hand.

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