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Physical Security

The benefits of security by design

For every step of the way, whether its building, storing, processing or mining, companies need sites that can operate at 100% capacity. In order to successfully operate and support your business, having assets is a requirement. Securing these assets can be a difficult task, though.

The security standards are heavily context dependent and tailored to the needs of the company and/or region. Whether it is heavy crime, militias or corruption, we help you design the security that is needed to protect your assets. The goal is to let your company continue operating without interference. While companies take little to no heed, security wise, when a project is in its infant stages with low exposure, it is of the utmost importance that your business is prepared for potential risks when the wheels of your project start turning.

By using our method, we anticipate the dangers that can potentially obstruct and hinder your business. Preparation for what may come is a decisive factor in the protection of your company and business interests. 


Project Security Review

Security standards are there to be met. Always.

Security Provider Vetting

Making sure you get the best service by pre-selecting and vetting local resources.

In-country Security Support

Direct security support tailored to your needs.

Interim Security Officer

Experienced professionals ready for deployment!

Interim Security Manager

Developing, directing and implementing security measures.