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Insider Threat Management

Over the last couple of years, large numbers of companies have lost data and information that shouldn’t have been accessible to others. Since data and information are essential to your business operations and success, such leaks are extremely harmful. Sometimes the leaks are the result of outside hackers, but in quite a number of cases it is the result of an insider’s behaviour.

As your staff has access to most of your data and information, managing insider threats is paramount. Although most companies have sophisticated information management systems, the human error and thus insider threat is often overlooked. But how do you identify the human error and manage the insider threat?

We provide tools to increase resilience of both your organization and staff. On the one hand, we provide background checks and interviews to identify individual vulnerability to outside approaches. On the other hand, we train managers in methods to recognize vulnerability and how to address insider threats in a confidential and constructive manner. As such, we put emphasis on reducing the individuals’ vulnerability that will result in reduced company liability.