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Our trainings improve your staff’s resilience in challenging environments.


Travel Safety Workshop

When abroad, respect the unexpected: improve your staff’s resilience in challenging environments.

Information Security Workshop

Prevent information leaks and create awareness through the Information Security Workshop.

Crisis Management Training

Strengthen your crisis management team and improve your company’s resilience to future crises.

Crisis Training: Call Centre

Improve your company’s first response to a crisis situation by training those who pick up the phone.

Kidnap & Ransom Workshop

Prepare your travellers for a possible kidnap and ransom situation, a crisis second to none.

Security Analysis Training

We help your analysts understand developments and to share these within your organisation.

Remote Trauma Module

When incidents occur during business trips, your staff’s first response can be the difference between life and death.

Two-Day Module: HESAFAT

Hostile Environments (HE), Situational Awareness (SA) and First Aid (FA), this Training (T) has it all.

HSSE Security Masterclass

Transform your HSE professionals into HSSE professionals with our holistic training on the four security domains.