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HSSE Security Masterclass

At Proximities, we believe that Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) professionals are best-positioned to take up the security role in a company, because of their risk-mitigating focus. In order to do this, they must be fully equipped and enabled to grasp the scope of their responsibility.

This is where the HSSE Security Masterclass comes in, to transform HSE professional into HSS(ecurity)E professionals. Our trainers provide your HSE staff with insight into the Security Toolbox, based on our four Security Risk domains, which enables them to both identify and mitigate security risks.

At the end of the course, your HSE professionals are able to identify security threats, can provide advice on how to deal with those threats and communicate internally about security incidents. This way, they contribute to your company being in control of its security.

Each HSSE Security Masterclass is fully customized to your organization and staff, providing them with a tailored learning scope.