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Restarting business travel during Corona

Many internationally operating companies have been forced to scale down or completely cancel their activities abroad. Business travels have been canceled or postponed as a result of complex government regulations implemented on short notice. In order to allow activities abroad to function completely again, however, business travels are essential. When making decisions regarding the necessity and feasibility of these travels, up-to-date and verified information is crucial. Proximities is specialized in supporting business travelers by mapping the opportunities and risks. As a result, we understand the problems associated with restarting and executing projects abroad and are able to solve these problems for you. Our support consists, amongst others, of providing insight and advice into:

  • COVID-19 developments and medical capacity: Up-to-date information about the COVID-19 risk and the medical capacity in a country.
  • Travel restrictions: Accurate insight into the conditions that must be met to make the business travel possible.
  • Domestic restrictions: An overview of the local restrictions implemented at the travel location.
  • Stability in-country: An concise analysis of the political, economic, social and security issues that could impact the traveller.

Are you in need of support for restarting business travels or interested in other ways we could support you? Contact us by giving us a call or filling in your information below.  

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