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In our vision, companies should not be limited by risks in expanding their presence, but can capitalize on opportunities. Always. Everywhere.

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Security risk management
The main challenge of security is its sheer complexity.
Travel safety
The safety of your travelers deserves your attention.
Business Environment
You should start mapping and navigating ecosystems.
Physical Security
Have you already considered security by design?
Information Security
There is more to information security than just IT.

Our Method

With our unique method, we help you secure your staff, assets, information, and strategy.
We invite you to join us in a journey through the world of security.


In Focus

Meet the Expert: Rosa Voulon

Meet the Expert: Rosa Voulon

Rosa Voulon (45) came to Proximities after leaving the Dutch Ministry of Defence, where she worked for 18 years. She just started to get to know her new colleagues at Proximities when the pandemic hit and. This meant she had to get further acquainted online. Roughly one year after her transition from the government, the moment has come to find out what it has brought her so far.

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